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Issue 10


The latest volunteering news from the Borders and beyond

Volunteer Centre Borders is the first point of contact for volunteering advice, information and support in the Scottish Borders. We work with a range of partners to ensure volunteering is recognised as being integral to the area's health and prosperity.

Volunteer to tackle loneliness

New project launched to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the Scottish Borders by getting people to consider starting to volunteer.


Tools and tips

Need some tips on volunteer management? Or do you have some tips you want to share?
Custody fit for 21st Century?

Volunteer to check on the welfare of people held in custody in the Scottish Borders. 

Live long and prosper

Gain five years by volunteering....and other news stories.


Volunteering Skills Award

The Volunteering Skills Award provides formal recognition of volunteering.

Building sheds

The first ever event dedicated to ‘Men’s Sheds’ in the Scottish Borders will take place in Kelso later this month. The Scottish Borders Men’s Shedfest, in the Tait Hall on March 30, will celebrate the growth of the Sheds across the region and aims to promote further development.

Volunteer opportunities

Looking for that perfect volunteering opportunity?

Abbotsford volunteer co-ordinator

The Abbotsford Trust is looking for someone to coordinate their Volunteering Programme.


College Volunteering Ambassador

Help create a culture of volunteering throughout your college