Eat, Sleep, Ride require Yard & Stable Volunteers

Eat sleep rideEat, Sleep, Ride is a social enterprise in Reston, Berwickshire targeting people experiencing mental health problems, those that have suffered abuse, lived in areas of high deprivation and other challenges such as drug/alcohol addiction.

Volunteers are wanted to help with the daily maintenance required to run the yard and look after the various horses and ponies and work alongside groups of adults and children. A good sense of humour, love of animals, outdoors and people is required.

The role consists of helping bring in and turn out horses and ponies, picking out hooves, grooming, tack cleaning and rug changing. Field maintenance required, topping up of waters, helping with fencing.

Volunteers must be quite robust and able to cope with the elements, leading various groups on horseback either around the countryside or in the arena. Helping children's lessons with balance and utilising the games equipment.

For further information please contact Volunteer Centre Borders on 01896 754041, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it