Netherdale Facility Survey


Facility Questionnaire

June 2018



Gala Fairydean Rovers FC is currently working in partnership with a number of organisations and potential funders to look at repairing and refurbishing the Historic Scotland A-Listed Stand at Netherdale and improving the facilities available for the community.

The club will be consulting widely with their own players, volunteers and supporters as well parents and guardians of our young players, facility users and the broader community in Galashiels about what improvements they would wish to see at the 3G Arena, Netherdale.


This questionnaire will be issued to the parents and guardians of all of our youth and junior players, the members of our community football teams, our supporters, the community of Galashiels and facility users at Netherdale. It will be available in hard copy and on our website at

Please could you complete the questionnaire as fully as possible; thank you.

For the purposes of this questionnaire we will refer to the facility as the 3G Arena.

Netherdale Facility Survey

 Please complete the survey in order to support Gala Fairydean Rovers application for funding to repair the stand and to improve facilities for the public at Netherdale.

 Gala Fairydean are asking every coach, volunteer, adult player and parent/guardians of their youth and junior players to complete the survey along with members of the public and other facility users in order that the club can get at least 200 responses.

 Please be honest in your answers and say what you think about the facility, for instance the amount, cleanliness and suitability of toilet provision...are there enough meeting areas or family areas, community hubs etc?

 Respondents don't have to be members of the club - just be facility users.

 Graeme McIver, Secretary, Gala Fairydean Rovers FC