Reach Out 2018 event praised in Scottish Parliament

A debate was held on Thursday 21st June in the Scottish Parliament.

Michelle Ballantyne MSP spoke during the debate on supporting people to settle in Scotland.

You can read a transcript of the debate here

Michelle's contribution comes early on and mentions the Refugee Celebration event held today with which Volunteer Centre Borders was involved. She had warm words to say about the work being done (with refugees) in the Scottish Borders.


"In Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, an event called "Reach Out 2018" is taking place. The event, organised by TD1 Youth Hub in Galashiels, the Scottish Refugee Council and Volunteer Centre Borders, is showcasing the fabulous work that has been taking place to bring together young people through a project that is led by TD1 Youth Hub, which started in September 2017. The project has grown in success through the confidence building and skills that the young people have gained from each other on a weekly basis. It brings together Syrian and local Galashiels young people, who regularly attend other TD1 activities, to share experiences and learn together. For many, what started as volunteering support for refugee families has become real, deep friendships".