Employer Supported Volunteering

We know that volunteers experience a number of benefits; enjoyment, satisfaction and achievement, meeting people and making friends, broadening life experience, boosting confidence, reducing stress, improving physical health and learning new skills.

What employer wouldn't want to provide their staff with access to this?

Organisations in the private and public sectors can and do encourage their own staff to volunteer in their own time or provide opportunities for staff to volunteer in work time (eg by allowing volunteering leave). This is usually referred to as employer supported volunteering or ESV for short.

Some organisations may set up more regular arrangements or partnerships with businesses to work on a particular project together on a time limited basis or to develop opportunities for employees to volunteer on an ongoing basis.

A successfully managed employer supported volunteering programme can be a fulfilling experience for everyone. The organisation should benefit from attracting volunteers with the skills, experience and enthusiasm they need but employees and the participating organisation can benefit too. Participating employees can gain new skills and experiences which can often be applicable to their role in the business they work for.

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